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AutoTrust’s mission is to maximize safe semi-autonomous driving

Our solution allows real time discovery, guidance and analysis of ideal use cases where today’s and tomorrow’s semi-autonomous features can be used, to maximize safe utilization and build trust

Adaptive Cruise Control

Lane Keep Assist

Traffic Stop and Go

Lane Centering 

Lane Change Assist

Pilot Assist


AutoTrust Discover

Identifies locations and situations where specific semi-autonomous features can be activated and where it should be safely deactivated

Informs and enables the driver in real time when and how to use features available in the vehicle

AutoTrust Guide

AutoTrust Analyze

Collects and analyzes all data to deliver insights on features utilization in various levels

“If consumers can’t be sold on lane-centering—a core technology of self-driving—how are they going to accept fully automated vehicles?”

US Tech Experience Index (TXI) Study, Aug 2019


Build acceptance to autonomous driving as a concept by increasing utilization and trust in semi-autonomous features 

Tier1 Supplier

Allow Infotainment and ADAS Tier1s to offer innovative capabilities for semi-autonomous features


Monitor advanced safety features as the next pillar of UBI (Usage Based Insurance)


Monitor and enable drivers to maximize safety while reducing operational cost 

Data Buyer

Get data and insights on ADAS actual and potential utilization by location, OEM and any other parameter


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